rainbows that cleanse/here comes the motherfreaking sun/ we should get to be happy if we want to be/ intervention of some divine manipulator/ anyway back to the haiku/ weep undercover/ when the rivers run dry/ time in a jar/ knowing the ink gets me/ our names side by side/ all those times set up to fail/ my thoughts are locked/ not getting that much traction/ hollow shadows/ and I don’t really know who I am/ died the same day/ in your tender hands/ did I say that already/ scrolling through our camera rolls/ I hate growing up, growing apart/ just stuck/ crawl on your knees/ duplicate yourself/ something dark is going down/ human just like me/ you belong here/ the prevailing pain of passion/ haven’t learned my lesson/ how do I find the words/ don’t question, just laugh/ rebound for the heartbroken/ into the flames/ your love is legal so long as it doesn’t leave a mark/ a blank canvas is worthless/ I decide to paint instead/ we had joy before, big and bold/ when did we decide to pretend/ your unnecessary god complex/ but like, but like, I just forgot to put on mascara today/ like, um, whatever, I hope that made sense/ hail mary full of grace, I’ve watched the bright sun burn/ but by night/ the distance between you and me is a shoelace and candy wrapper/ blanket of hesitation/ I bleed, a reminder/ I want to believe I’m different/ I’m afraid no one listens/ find a match, don’t play with fire/ call her a healer/ miss liar/ damage she cannot heal/ you make me feel alive/ all through the night/ I’d like to think I was born whole/ in hopes to find the magic/ a message from god/ the delusion of things being more beautiful/ maybe I’m delusional/ these tiny things I collect/ clarinets, band emporiums/ life has become angel numbers on number off/ 1112/ 2224/ my vibrations are so high/ I love like you/ the kind of love you understand/ don’t leave me/ I’m more like you than you think/ roll call/ nameless/ oh that’s me/ lying to myself/ through the night

-open mic recap

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