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All that Comes

Today I don’t feel tired and the queasiness is a distant wave. Today the sun hit my disco light and lit up my room with glowing bits of hope. Today my alarm, and not my anxiety, woke me up. Today, hope feels possible and happiness feels almost easy. But yesterday, yesterday- The best parts of … Continue reading All that Comes


Open mic time, let’s goooooo. Tomorrow, 11.11 (you know you like those angel numbers). My room, C242, from 6-8 pm.

That Summer

What if that summer hadn’t smelled of antiseptic and hospital food? What if that summer hadn’t sounded like held breath and the constant and varied beeping of life-sustaining machines? What if that summer hadn’t taught me to fear phone calls and love and losing? What if that summer had let my body house joy instead … Continue reading That Summer

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