You Are Here

Before my appointment in November, I bought Ben and Jerry’s because I had a feeling. My pre-emptive grief started to gather, turning into words and then sentences. I wrote, “I’m too familiar with what forced neutrality looks like on an ultrasound tech’s face,” Wrote, “I’m too familiar with what happens next,” Wrote, “the orange bottle…

in heaven

the sons tear up and don’t avoid eye contact with their dads/ the dads are tearing up too/ Sarah McLachlan doesn’t play across sad advertisements because no one needs to be tricked into empathy/ the animals are okay and no one is an orphan/ there’s a new brand of comedy special because trauma jokes can’t…


Guyssssss. I’m so sorry! We have to cancel tonight’s open mic because every classroom is being used for state debate. 😭

You’re Invited- Yeah, You

OPEN MIC TOMORROW! March 10th, 6-8 pm, room C242 at Skyridge. Good words, good vibes, and treats. Come to share or come just to listen. Hope to see you there!


Two days ago, I woke up with a sob, lashes wet with tears. It was only a dream- a nightmare- but my bones are still holding onto the grief, the breath-stopping fear of seeing my sons body dragged from the water. Even now, I don’t want to put the image on paper. Don’t want to…

All that Comes

Today I don’t feel tired and the queasiness is a distant wave. Today the sun hit my disco light and lit up my room with glowing bits of hope. Today my alarm, and not my anxiety, woke me up. Today, hope feels possible and happiness feels almost easy. But yesterday, yesterday- The best parts of…


Open mic time, let’s goooooo. Tomorrow, 11.11 (you know you like those angel numbers). My room, C242, from 6-8 pm.

That Summer

What if that summer hadn’t smelled of antiseptic and hospital food? What if that summer hadn’t sounded like held breath and the constant and varied beeping of life-sustaining machines? What if that summer hadn’t taught me to fear phone calls and love and losing? What if that summer had let my body house joy instead…

Bite Size Fiction

It’s the leaves they first notice- swiss cheese holes through them all, like poison rain residue. Horticulture experts gather, brows furrowed, and begin testing samples. But soon the grass begins to whither- everywhere, almost overnight- strong blades turning brown and brittle. Next, the flowers lose their petals, lost pieces swirling across cement. The sky begins…

Open Mic Tomorrow!

Oh heyyyyy we’ve got an open mic tomorrow from 6:30-8:30 at Skyridge in room C242. You’re all invited. There will be treats, good vibes, and beautiful words. Hope to see you there!


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