All that Comes

Today I don’t feel tired and the queasiness is a distant wave.

Today the sun hit my disco light and lit up my room with glowing bits of hope.

Today my alarm, and not my anxiety, woke me up.

Today, hope feels possible and happiness feels almost easy.

But yesterday, yesterday-

The best parts of my day were those when I was asleep.

Yesterday, everything made me sick- my body, the gray sky, election results, the way coffee smelled.

Yesterday was a pile of moments tipping toward despair. I had to remind my cheeks and lips how to smile and didn’t bother reminding my eyes.

But yesterday has become today and will soon be tomorrow.

All the comes will fade to memory. When moments are hard, don’t carve the sorrow into your skin, but let it slip like sand through your fingers. And when the sun hits the disco ball, hold the light like a quivering butterfly, for moments are here and then gone.

No feeling is final.


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