Open Mic Recap 5.13

All I see is a different kind of love/ but I want you to love me/ this is normal for me/ handprints left on my heart/ would a change of bodies fix my soul/ what if-what if- the answer is no/ stage freight when I’m walking down the hall/ I don’t know what to say/ the feeling of sitting aloe is more comforting/ the lyrics never change/ but I can look at the constellations/ for all the rivers, plenty of bridges/ but for 364 days. nothing/ beyond any god/ and willful ignorance/ see differently and see connections others don’t/ today started yesterday/ surgery, car wreck, now I’m here/ there goes my savings/ my mom says she loves me, that phrase is numb/ push the feeling down and reply I love you too/ but what if I don’t want to be left alone/ what if I can’t, what if I can’t/ do better than the alternative/ forever can feel like tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow/ you know what you can do with a dream?/ learn how to love/ keep walking, keep slaving, keep dying/ the bad news is a very long story/ the lights and trees flash past/ too fast, too fast/ lost control/ blood and lights and noise/ have you noticed any difference?/ the dopamine forgets what to do/ or am I the one forgetting what to do/ sometimes they make me see things that aren’t really there/ so I won’t knock on the door/ even if god let’s me down/ setting all the coals ablaze/ I shall certainly burn to death/ in a spike of shame/ to get rid of the impurities

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