4.15 Open Mic Recap

The pee goblin demanded I pee/ head growing faint/ gods among the stars/ love is a coffin/ unlocked you choose to stay/ grasp my hand in yours/ I can feel myself on the ledge/ hero was the villain all along/ sell your soul/ write in blood while I sweep up broken glass/ the crowded room pushes the breath out of my lungs/ signs of another episode/ only a ghost remains/ to wash down the pills/ careful not to mix them together/ all I see is the spilled cups/ you taught my eyes to see/ after promising, you leaned on her shoulder/ the problem with warning signs is that I’m only one person/ and I want to return to the home I made at rock bottom/ bones begin to crack/ the relentless tempest of pain/ without shadows on the other side/ if time is infinite/ please tell my story/ knees pressed into the wooden floors/ in this desolate world/ I never want to feel weak/ but of course I don’t get to decide/ I have to believe as well/ the sting has become addicting/ all the colors of a sunset crushed into a mushroom cloud/ until all you can hear has gone with a heartbeat/ a hopeless romantic/ crippling existentialism/ window open even when it snows/ my mother married a bully/ nothing is as accurate as a child’s instincts/ I’m photoshopped into this neurotypical world/ they tapped fingers in time with my tears/ only friends with the moon/ love doesn’t last/ love isn’t fun/ but I want to sew myself into your heart/ my anxiety whispers into my ears/ snipping people away like petals/ maybe just maybe something beautiful is underneath/ but I’m utterly powerless/ white wash the canvas/ don’t cling on for too long/ dead hands on ice/ distant stars flicker above/ until eyes close once again/ why doesn’t he fade more easily/ I’m supposed to be happy now/ because guess what/ you’ll be okay one day/ a butterfly effect/ not simply repeating the thoughts of others/ into the abyss

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